before and after showing tooth colored fillings on front teeth

Left: Before; Right: After

The most rewarding part of our jobs here at the office is seeing the immediate results of our work on how a patient feels. Having stained and decayed front teeth, especially for a young woman, can be socially difficult and can seriously affect self esteem.

This morning, we saw one such young lady and, in about 90 minutes, were able to give her some of her self esteem and confidence back. We used a tooth colored filling material, cleaned out the decay, and polished some of her existing fillings. The left side is how she looked before, and the right side shows the after. The bleeding around her gum tissue is a result of slightly tucking the filling material under and polishing to make it look as seamless as possible. Her gums will heal and adapt to the new fillings in a couple of days.

How long this treatment will last depends on how well the patient maintains her teeth. Dental caries is a disease caused by bacteria, and the patient has to keep the bacteria under control as well as provide her teeth the building blocks to strengthen themselves. One product we use often in the office for such cases is MI paste, a prescription strength fluoride paste with proprietary enamel-like molecules to help rebuild and strengthen teeth. More information about the benefits of MI paste can be found here.